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What Do We Do?

Common Current provides frameworks, tools and funding mechanisms supporting goals of moving to greater sustainability. We can baseline performance data and help put systems in place to measure and report long-term results.

We help organizations and their constituents attain the highest level of human, financial and natural system achievement: an economy capable of sustaining current and future generations.


  1. Strategic sustainability consulting, including development of funding strategies for national, state and local governments; business; and non-profits: stakeholder facilitation, grant proposal and policy planning.
  2. Benchmarking and metrics related to community, city or regional sustainability performance, projects and programs, including greenhouse gas analysis.
  3. Collaborative facilitation and research forging new sustainability markets, products and services.
  4. Sustainability communications strategies and content.
  5. Public speaking: Warren Karlenzig is a dynamic keynote speaker, moderator and panelist on sustainability issues. He makes complex material accessible and relevant to a range of audiences worldwide.

Cities: Labs for the Green Economy

Who would have thought that the future of the earth's economic and resource security would depend on cities?

With now more than 50 percent of the world's population, cities house the majority of the world's inhabitants, while being the global centers of innovation.

The planning, development, renovation and management of cities offers unlimited opportunity to meet the challenges of climate change with sustainable economic development. Metropolitan regions offer combined resource efficiencies that can significantly reduce carbon emissions, water use and waste generation, all of which can produce new and unforeseen sources of revenue.

Information technologies combined with the large-scale evolution of individual and organizational behavior, for instance, have the potential to change cities from being part of the problem to embodying the working models of sustainability.

Green and Connected Cities • Smart Cities • Smart Growth • Smart Grid

These Big Concepts combine the ingredients of existing knowledge along with new human and technological networks. Add unprecedented Federal funding to the mix and the potential is staggering.

As with any good recipe, success lies not only in the ingredients but also in successful preparation and execution.

Common Current founder Warren Karlenzig is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on urban sustainability and its role in green economic development.

Based on Common Current's funding strategies, comparative metrics and network of best practices, cities worldwide are assessing and improving their management or implementation of: planning, transportation, energy efficiency, renewables, alternative fuels, green building, water use, local food, purchasing, and waste.

Whether you're in Seoul or the Silicon Valley, sustainable economic innovation will depend on public-private collaboration.

And from Beijing to California to Brussels, Warren has advised state, national and multinational governments -- as well as private industry partners -- on how cities can become models for the world's low-carbon high economic growth revolution.

Our climate is changing -- economically and environmentally. At Common Current, we have anticipated this development for a long time and are poised to act now. Let us share with you our expertise on how the move toward a sustainable economy will impact your city, company or, indeed, our world, and what you can do to reap the benefits.

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